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I was banned for two days on the dark rp server by a mod named neonix or something, I was shooting at a gunshop owner who was his friend because the gunshop owner literally killed me for no reason in his store. Now keep in mind neonix was not a mod or staff on duty at the time but because I killed his friend he grabs me with his physgun and jails me for 900 seconds, His friend Merix was the guy I killed and I was trying to demote him for self supply (Which yes he did do.) So after trying to demote him neonix flys up to me and says you know what I'm just going to ban you and he nproceeded to ban me for no reason, He says I rdmed x 3 and I only killed his friend ounce, He also said that I was minging And I was NITRP which is bull shit because I was based with someone, So many other people have also said that he's an admin abuser so I'm hoping he gets his admin or mod taken away its getting out of hand and unfair, One more thing I should add is that when he jailed me he didn't give me a reason or talk to me about the situation, His friend just told him so he jailed me.

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I’ll tell you what happened of why I banned you.


1. Just because I’m not the job “Staff on Duty” doesn’t mean I can’t do sits. I had gotten a report about you. 

2. You would run up to people, shoot them once, and run away. You kept posting text screens on the gun store just because he killed you for shooting people.

3. You shot me and did that 4 times the whole time, and I didn’t do anything about that until I called for a sit.

4. I told you to stop demoting people and you continued to do so. He wasn’t self supplying; I gave him some shipments.

the nitrp was because you didn’t even bother to role play at all when I was specing you. You can’t just say you’re RPing if you just bought a door.

I would also ask for some evidence.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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