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Cant stop the neon ADMIN ABUSER


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Your in-game name: Squirrelgunner


Staff members name: Cant Stop the neon


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): dont have logged out before had a chance



Explain what happened: So i was asking him to jail a person that was false demoteing so he said OKAY. Let me bring him. so he did and then he said this is the second time im warning you about this so STOP NOW. Then procedded to send him back with a WARN. I said were is the jail he said WE DONT JAIL ON THIS SERVER WE "WARN".(THE FUCK THIS NIGGA ON)> THEN I got killed by a fading door abuser and he brought the guy THE GUY FULL OUT ADMITS IT AND SAY I FADING DOOR ABUSED. Then he said I DONT HAVE PROOF so then he said ill call this a DRAW. And then telleported me BACK. I then said I want to make a report On the admin chat He then claimed the sit and SAID NO DOING THAT HERE AND i said why i want you demoted then he said STOP TALKING. GAGED ME. THEN he said STOP TYPING THEN I SAID NO HE THEN FROZE ME AND SAID NOW IM GOING TO JAIL YOU. Then PROCEDED TO JAIL ME AND i was like what is that for he said FINE YOU REPORT ME IM BANNING YOU. IM DONE WITH THIS POWER TRIPPED 5 year OLD.



Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)







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You do not know what I told you and I explained you NUMEROUS times WHY I DID NOT JAIL HIM.


1st off: A sit was called for 2 false demotes. I warned the person not to do it again or he would be jailed.

2 minutes later; you call a sit for false demote. I tell you I already warned him and you say he needs to be jailed. The sit went normally but then I got a sit from you saying "I NEED A REPORT ON NEONIX CAN I GET A HIGHER UP?" I denied the request and went to you to tell you why I need to be reported.. because the sit normally. You kept talking over me and I warned you to please stop and you kept talking so I gaged you. You called " @ CAN I GET A NEW ADMIN THIS ADMIN IS RETARDED" and I told you to stop disrespecting me. You kept insulting me so I jailed you for 60 seconds.

This is really funny because you say I'm jailing you because you're talking but you don't show audio of me talking. 

I also told you I cannot just jail someone for FDA without proof and you tell me he admitted it. I told you I don't have proof of him opening ALL of his doors to kill you, and I don't have proof that he opened one of his doors cause his pet and himself was stuck. 

So I said I was going to be neutral and that I would spectate the guy if he did it again. But you called a sit "I NEED A REPORT ON NEONIX CAN I GET A HIGHER UP" when I was spectating him. 


All of this happened, because YOU didn't get what YOU wanted. 

I froze you because you kept moving around and I needed you to stop because you could miss out on what I was saying (i.e my voice cutting out.)

Gagged you because you kept talking over me.

Jailed for 60 seconds for staff disrespect.


APOLOGY: I am sorry about the FDA sit. I should have jailed the guy. 

But please be nicer when I do sits when I'm the only staff on. :)

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I've notified him that he needs to just jail and go by the punishments that we do. Not to sure why he would warn for someone who did two false demotes let alone one.


As for the jailing/gagging he did, I see that he jailed you for 60 seconds which is for staff disrespect, but if it's false, some sort of video proof would need to prove otherwise.


Sorry for what you've experienced.

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