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the admins need better traning


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i would like to complain. So the past 5 hours i've been on this server (dark rp). i been called by admins many times. everytime i do get called i end up in jail. i think its rediculous to agrue with an admin  BECAUSE THEY DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY!!!  they will put me in jail to 300 - 600 seconds. the admins on this server they need better training, they need to do their jobs better. i had a issue with to players for 2 hours and the fucking idiot admin could not see they were trolling me. so the admin puts ME IN JAIL!!!!. YOU KNOW WHY BECAUSE THE ADMINS CANT DO THEIR FUCKING JOB!!!. yet i get called again. the admin doesnt give a fuck about my side of the story, even tho i told him he broke nlr. the admin has the nerve to say "nlr does not exist" so i had a rough time. ( now dont say my english, punctiouation, etc.. are bad because thats not the point at all.) THE ADMINS ON THIS SERVER NEED BETTER TRAINING!!!!. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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