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Important Announcement about the update!


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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come, an economy wipe.

  Today we would like to officially announce it server wide that the server will be wiping the economy and everyone will restart with the same balance $25,000. It has been quite some time and the server really has no valuables in it, this must happen. We realize not everyone approves this choice, but this will improve raiding and make it worth wild. Money is absolutely worth nothing on the server due to the economy never being wiped and having overpowered ways of making money, resulting in players getting bored of playing. In order to fix and make the joy of guarding your base and raiding players, an economy wipe is a must. We do apologize to those who do not have a lot of money and have just started playing ExhibitionRP, but this is only going to happen maybe once. With an economy wipe, the printers will be balanced making raiding and all n all every penny worth it on the server. We heard from the community and the decision has been made, ExhibitionRP's economy will be wiped in the next big update being released soon with the new ExhibitionRP map and a load of new and exciting content. Along with this update you can expect to see things such as a New Fining system, A new custom Mayor and Police Menu, New Dumpsters, Some new custom printers, A few bug fixes and more. This update is expected to be released for Friday morning but is not 100% set to that date. We hope everyone will enjoy the new content we will have for you!

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