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hi i have experince with being staff i love this server i donated over 60$ in one day i have 50hours on the server i wish to be staff becouse  gurm and hollow are most of my friends on the server i am female ik ulx gurm void lodus and more i have a custom class a awp rank exhibitionist i have e2 i love this server i was once owner and server manger and mod i went from mod to owner and i just love this server i would love to be accepted to this server ik alot of rule breakes i have one ban but that was one day and i place a bomb with out saying counter and killing 4 people it was not on for real i placed it down as a joke and killed people i would love to help gurm and hollow i have been on with one staff just hollow and he did alot of work i would love to help him pls accept me with my app i would love to help this commuity and more

what i will do if i am gonna apply i cant yet i hope i can soon


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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