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Darkrp Update 3/30/2018


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Exhibitionrp DarkRP change log 2.5

  • Introducing a brand new LSD System
  • Adding a daily rewards system that will reward you new items every day you log on in a row.
  • Added a chef job
  • Added food items that will be sold by the chef and will give players health by eating the food.
  • Added a new Free Runner class
  • Added Climb Swep 2 for the Free Runner class
  • Tweaked the tickrate and other things to improve performance (Hopefully)
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23 minutes ago, {tpz}☢zoroark720☢ said:

can we make it so people can buy chest and checker table or no and can we get the clime swep add to custom classes

I agree with zoroark on this. The climb swep for custom classes would be very sweet. I would get that added more my cc.

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