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4/14/2018 - Update


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  • Updated admin popups, sits now expire after 1000 seconds and removed command "u_claimtop" -Thanks @Necro
  • Added a restriction to the kill command, Can now only be done if there are no staff online  -Thanks @Necro
  • Restricted the chat popup above your head from showing /pm and @ messages now!


  • This time actually restricted the teleport function to staff only! -Thanks @Necro
  • Fixed the issue with it taking forever to load it, was some extra things downloading in the background, should load in in 20 seconds or so now!


  • Added physgun freeze for staff when they right click
  • Added a check so now hobo's cannot own doors.
  • Fixed a possible crash exploit
  • Added American and Mexican flags above players names depending on their nationalities.
  • Made the Nationalities popup on join if you have not chose a nationality
  • Added more helpful commands in ulx for staff
  • Restricted !bring so you can no longer bring multiple players with the same name!
  • Added deport baton logs for staff
  • Fixed animations in keys from causing mass script errors
  • Possibly fixed bug with jobs when switching to a new job
  • Added advanced dupe 2
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