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4/15/2018 Update


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  • Fixed an error spamming console with inventory system.
  • Fixed disconnected props not being removed
  • Fixed an error in the admin popups
  • Fixed the error in the refund system
  • Fixed the error in the motd


  • Fixed all police job bug when switching to the jobs now it should switch your job with no issues
  • Fixed error in the arrest board that was spamming console and lagging players
  • Fixed error in Police Console
  • Updated the rules
  • Gave police battering rams
  • Moved the max slots on ICE from 1 to 2

Known bugs that still need fixing:

  • Error in daily login bonus
  • Mayor not receiving the warrants that were requested (Maybe)
  • Bank vault on darkrp (Maybe)
    Any other bugs you know of contact myself or Rooster!
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