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4/26/2018 MBRP Update


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  •  Added the American Vape to President
  •  Made it so the President gets demoted on death
  •  Added a new job "Mexican Drug Cartel"
  •  Added the ability to sell drugs as a Mexican Drug Cartel
  •  Made it so Americans can't become certain jobs like "El Chapo" and "Mexican Drug Cartel" and maybe more soon.
  •  Added cuffs to the server (Not for police)
  •  Added a Human Trafficker Job
  •  Disabled the ability to drop your passport
  •  Added Bank Manager and a Bank Guard jobs to further the safety of the bank vault.
  •  Restricted Bank Manager and Bank Guard to Americans only
  •  Added the job "Coyote" to help sneak people across the border.
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