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4 hunnit Fazo blatantly breaking multiple rules while admins were offline :(

lil vodka

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Your in-game name: lil vodka


Users IGN: 4 hunnit fazo


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_1:0:93308944


Explain what happened: Before anything let me explain the situation briefly, 4 hunnit fazo just walked into my base prior to the recording and attempted to raid me. Once I killed him he came back once more, after a while of him just standing there he built a fence inside my base for whatever reason, after he killed my friend a few times and decided he had enough he /afk'ed to exit my base. 

I understand my friend, XXXSATISFACTION broke nlr. It was justified in my opinion, before I was recording he came back twice after i managed to kill him. We were just getting sick and tired at that point. I understand horseplay but when it's to this extent I can't be bothered. He was building in my base and I couldn't even do what I needed to do because I was worried about him breaking in. Not to mention the fact he was also breaking NLR before the recording but since it wasn't documented I'm assuming it wont be an added offense. Anyways I leave 4 hunnit Fazo in your hands. Please do something about him. 

He also said "over" in chat multiple times when obviously, it wasn't.

Sorry about the no audio, shadow play was recording from the wrong mic so it was just loud ass static.



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When I logged onto the server and went over to their base I could see 4hunnit Fazo's props sticking through the wall. After that, I would also see him run up to people, throw a grenade at the ground, and kill himself with them. He never adverted for the blowing himself up tactic, it was extremely confusing.

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