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we went to go and raid hanks base well when we did his base had no clear way to  raid him so i asked him if it was a fail base and he said there is a keypad and explained the ramp was not a way into the base so we agreed on that then he proceeded to proclaim that we needed a keypad cracker to get into his base and thus when i explained to him over and over again that you have to have it clearly defined and we have to be able to picklock it he just got mad and kept saying how its in the rules that he dosn't and i have been told by several admins that you have to be able to pick the fading door and  its even in the rules number 5 in base building. he clearly went out of his way to make the fading door non pick able which took him time and effort so he knew what he was doing and ontop of all of this he left the game in the middle of the raid after breaking nlr and trying to pull guns out next to pd to kill me and sandman so he could get to mason who had to change classes with a keypad cracker to raid this base since no admins were on sandman has another perspective with his video. 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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