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Todd's Harassment case HELP ME!

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Your in-game name:Poppy


Users IGN: Toddfather101


Users SteamID: STEAM_0:1:221393791


Explain what happened: for the past week Todd has been Harassing me and calling sits on me to get me in trouble Colt has told us to stay away form each other many times but he keeps harassing me and Raiding me and Mugging me and kidnapping me and today pushed me over the line. It all started with Shallow taking a sit with Todd make it about how i raided him after colt told us to not interact with each other. I raided him after me kidnapped me when colt told him not to and nobody did anything about it. about 30 mins later after the kidnap and raid me i started a raid on Todd when I died Todd called for a sit and said i was Harassing him so we both told Shallow the person who claimed the sit that colt told us both to stay away from each other so when i told Shallow that Todd had also been Harassing me he did nothing about it. I brought up a point of him having a false base but he said the base was valid and he was saying how i was wrong and his base was fine even tho it broke the basing rules (1. You may not use no-collided walk-in props or props where you can walk in and not receive damage.) but he didn't care he jailed me "harassment" and he didn't care about me telling him that he was also harassing me and not looking into it and just taking Todd's side on the entirety of the sit. I fell that something should have been done but the staff member doesn't understand


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) First photo him spamming hits on meSmartSelect_20180512-214958_Gallery.jpg

Video 1 him admitting to kidnapping me when Colt told him to stay away from me 

Video 2 Todd raiding me after Colt told him to stay away from me 

Video 3 Todd following me around with a bomb and killing me after colt told him to stay away from me and me telling him to stop 


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This looks like point and clear harassment.

In that first video, harassment doesn't mean he can't rp inolving you. If he is raiding and you walk in, he can still kill you. Not really enough context to decide it being harassment there, as well as a lack of proof anything was done.

In that second video he raided and kill you, he very obviously was only doing that to kill you. If you included after that a lil abit I could decide a bit more on it.

In that third video, he was following you with someone elses bomb, after colt told him to stop harassing you. You asked him to stop, which could be seen as a sign of harassment.

Overall, this user will be punished for harassment. Please report this again if it continues to happen, hopefully ingame or otherwise on forums, if there are no staff.

Thank you!


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