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What. The. Fuck. Rooster.


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1 minute ago, fesh said:

lol, when people dont add polls he used to (I don't know if he still does) add them on for the person, and that was a part of the requirements

He tends to close them anymore, tells the person to reapply when they meet the tos.

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So, You are reporting the manager for denying your application.. Your application title had way more than it needed to have, it was kin of unnecessary to have that all in your title so it was reasonable for him to deny your application without warning. Its not like you have to wait the 2 weeks to reapply, just fix your title and re apply. Also you should probably improve your application and add more to it to make it seem like effort was put into it, like the one question that requires a paragraph. As for this "report" Rooster did nothing wrong you were denied for a valid reason and just get over it and re-apply.

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