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5/18/2018 Update


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  • Increased the jackpot by 5% on double or nothing
  • Added new dumpsters (Thanks @Necro)
  • Increased the opium bottle limit from 4 to 5
  • Made it so you will not be demoted if you are killed while in mayors grace as mayor (Thanks @Necro)
  • Fixed a glitch were if you were tazed in a jail cell it wouldn't return you to spawn (Thanks @Necro)
  • Removed old Health & Armor npc
  • Added a new Medic npc for health and armor


  • Removed Battering Ram from Border patrol and Border Patrol Chief
  • Lowered the slots on Border Patrol from 10 to 7 to balance jobs out better
  • Made it so cps can not arrest other cps
  • Fixed the door titles glitching on a few doors
  • Added job timers to all cp jobs in mbrp which is bypass able by purchasing a donator rank (Thanks @Necro)
  • Added Bitminers 2


If you have any good ideas for either server let me know or make a suggestion will be going through things for good ideas for the servers.

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Jackpot and the Mayor thing sound like a great idea although I don't usually interact with either of those. Dumpsters are a cool concept and addition for Hobo's. The Opium bottle thing is a life saver, was so annoying only being able to get 4, and I'll have to check out that new Medic NPC next time I'm in-game. Thanks for the updates!!

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