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Soan abusing powers false ban/jail


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im gonna say this and take it how you will. he didnt include him at the pd, started immediately in the sit, proceeded to say cat sucked my dick multiple times, then Looked around found a place he could shoot me then he aimed at me and shot me with the tazer. then he rdmed me. and cat. i know what i saw and what happened. this is my second official  ban i have actually done and all staff know  i would rather jail than ban. he was jailed twice. once for NLR the second time for his tazing. then he rdm'd two people this was all in a span of 30 minutes. as is in his own evidence. i gave him three chances all together. the third just was compounded by the two rdms. he cant have forgotten it in that short of a time frame.


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The only thing I have seen in this video that Soan did a little weird was become Police Chief after you were false demoted instead of dealing with it. Other than that all I see is you being extremely toxic through out these 2 videos. Like in the one situation when he said "You can say whatever you want, I'm just doing my job" that is exactly right. I mean it doesn't matter if you accidentally tased him, you shouldn't of tried it. Now I can see why you were mad but that is no reason to pull out a weapon and attempt to mass rdm then you come on here and cry about a false ban... This must be a joke.. then after that you say "I'm done with this server" then "I'm going to dankrp" advertising cold turn this ban into a permanent one... I think you can use these 16 hours to calm the hell down and don't come back with the same mindset because then you will keep getting in trouble.

For Soan next time someone gets false demoted take the sit even if you become the job cause that just looked like favoritism of whoever you play with. Even if you didn't want to take his sit it was still a false demote and I expect for you to deal with them no matter who it is.

As for this Staff report/ Ban appeal will be denied and the staff member will be talked to about the one thing he did wrong in these videos. 
This post will also be locked to prevent any useless bumping.

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