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How To Make and Sell Meth/Opium!


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This guide will explain how to make and sell Meth & Opium, Enjoy.


STEP 1: Purchase a $6,000 Combiner from the F4 shop and add the number of aluminum & methylamine the front screen is asking for into the top hole(As seen in the picture)


[OPTIONAL] STEP 2: After the aluminum & methylamine are finished processing, it will start to create a gas that will damage you by one health every second you are inside of it. To avoid this, you can either spawn a $1,000 gas filter or just keep about a foot away from the Combiner until it's done.



STEP 3: Purchase a Freezer for $2,000 and press E on one of the Freezer trays to have one pop out. You're gonna want to gravity gun it over to the right side of the Combiner under the 5 nozzles. (As seen in the picture) Once the tray is filled and pops off, place it back in the Freezer and wait until the blue lights have turned off, meaning it's ready for breaking.


STEP 4: Press E on the tray filled with Meth to take it out of the Freezer once again. Once the tray is on the ground, press E on it a few times until it turns in to a small bag of Meth.



STEP 5: Purchase a Transport Crate and drop your new bag of Meth directly into it. Pressing E on the Crate will store the Meth into your inventory. NOTE: Wait until your container is filled before picking it up to make the most out of your money!



STEP 6: Go to the Meth buyer NPCs located on these parts of the map and press E on one of them.



STEP 7: Once you press E on the NPC, he will have you run to another location where you will drop off your Meth for money!


The drop off points are located around the map above and will be random every time you sell your Meth. (A waypoint will be created after you interact with the NPC for the dropoff)



STEP 8: Finally, Return to your base and clean off your Combiner by hold E and moving your mouse around while facing the machine. Now you're ready to make a new batch!




STEP 1: Purchase a $500 Barrel from the F4 shop. Next, you will need to add your supplies. There are two efficient recipes you can use to make Opium.

$20,000 Opium Recipe: If you make Opium using this recipe, each pack will be worth $20,000.


 1 Pack of Sulfate.

1 Pack of Codeine.

1 Pack of Papaverine.

1 Bottle of Water.

$50,000 Opium Recipe: If you make Opium using this recipe, each pack will be worth $50,000.


4 Packs of Sulfate.

4 Packs of Codeine.

3 Packs of Papaverine.

2 Bottles of Water.



STEP 2: After you've added your supplies, you will need to purchase a $1,500 Heater and some gas. Place your Barrel on top of the Heater until the Barrel turns green. You will have to purchase gas from the F4 shop every couple of minutes as the Heater runs out of fuel.



STEP 3: Purchase a $500 Packer and five 5 bottles. Gravity gun the bottles over to the Barrel until the bottles turn green. Next, add the bottles to the Packer until full. You can tell the Barrel is empty when it returns to its normal blue color.



STEP 4: Once the Packer is filled with bottles, pressing E on it will spawn an Opium package. You will have to Gravity gun your package to an Opium buyer NPC. (Look at map above for Opium buyer locations)



Remember, Opium is illegal so if you are seen carrying an Opium package by a cop, they can arrest you!


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