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6/13/2018 Update!


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  • Fixed bug with adminmode not changing your model back
  • Fixed bug in adminmode where godmode would disable randomly
  • Fixed it so all staff can update bans
  • Fixed it so all staff have access to /unspectate
  • Fixed players not able to spawn props
  • Removed atags
  • Added a new chat tag system
  • Made it so @ targets the player you are looking at
  • Fixed spectate from pushing the player that is being spectated
  • Fixed players time played and merged it with the time players have played today
  • Added custom message under the ignore function
  • fixed /cleardecals not clearing anything up
  • Added old rdm manager for now until flogs is fully fixed
  • Fixed the delay while using the commands in the menu


  • Fixed delay in staff request system
  • Fixed bug with adv dupe


  • Nothing for just mbrp sorry


This was mainly to fix most of the bugs from the new admin system!

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