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Crotorious' Bitmining & Money Printing Efficiency Guide

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     Hello, you're probably here because you want to be better at bitcoin mining on the ExhibitionRP DarkRP server. In this post, I will inform you on the most efficient way to mine bitcoins and use money printers on the server. This is a guide on efficiency, using upgrades with a bad roi time can lead to higher profits, so long as you wait out the ROI time.


     Over the course of this post, we will go over the following topics:

  • The basics of bitcoin mining.
  • Efficiency of different bitcoin miners with different upgrades.
  • Money printer efficiency.


-----=Basics of Bitcoin Mining=-----

     Bitcoin mining is one of many ways to make money on the server, and in order to make good profits, you have to have an idea on what you're doing. These bitcoin miners are essentially a number game. You have to learn how to play with these numbers if you want to come out on top.

     In order to start bitcoin mining, you need to purchase a few things from the f4 shop menu. A generator, >=1 power lead, >=1 extension lead, and your bitcoin miner of choice. Plug the white end of the power lead into either the generator or the extension lead, just make sure that the extension lead plugs into the generator if you connect your bitcoin miner through the extension lead. The other end of your power lead needs to go into your bitcoin miner. You can press "e" on the ends of power leads in order to unplug them.

     Once you spawn in your generator, you may notice two bars labeled "Power" and "Fuel." The Power  displays the amount of power being taken up by your bitcoin miners. The maximum amount of power a single generator can supply is 1,000w. The more power being used on a generator, the faster that generator uses fuel. In order to restore fuel to a generator, purchase fuel from the f4 menu and place the fuel on the generator with your gravity gun. Different bitcoin miners take up different amounts of power. A Bitminer S1 takes up 100w, a Bitminer S2 uses 250w and a Bitminer Rack's power consumption varies.  A Bitminer Rack  can hold up to 8 Bitminer Servers. For every Bitminer Server a Bitminer Rack hold, it consumes 100w (maximum of 800w). Bitminers can be very expensive based on your budget. Here is a list of the prices:

  • Bitminer S1: $5,000
  • Bitminer S2: $35,000
  • Bitminer Rack: $150,000
  • Bitminer Server: $85,000
  • Extension Lead: $500
  • Power Lead: $500
  • Generator: $6,000
  • Fuel: $1,000

          In order to start mining, after you've hooked up your miner(s) to your generators, interact with your miner(s) by pressing "e" while looking at your miner from a close proximity. This will bring up the bitminer console for that individual miner. Type "mining start" and press enter to start mining. Type "mining stop" to make that individual miner stop mining. Type "help" to bring up a list of commands. All of the commands for the bitminer console are:

  • Bitcoin Info: Displays the amount of bitcoins in the bitminer and how much they are worth.
  • Bitcoin Sell: Sells all of the bitcoins in the bitminer and adds the money to your wallet.
  • Mining start: Starts mining bitcoins.
  • Mining stop: Stops mining bitcoins.
  • Info: Displays the specifications of the bitminer.
  • Color: Changes the background color of the terminals.
  • Help: Displays all available commands.
  • Upgrade: Displays available upgrades and their costs.
  • Clear: Clears all text from the bitminer.
  • Status: Shows the status of the bitminer.

     You may find it annoying to constantly go to the f4 menu to buy fuel every few minutes to power each of your generators. Well, there is a command to allow you to buy fuel without using the f4 menu. This command is /buybitminerfuel. You can either copy and paste it into chat, or you can set a keybind to buy fuel. In order to set a keybind, go to your console by pressing ` (next to the 1 key on a QWERTY keyboard.) In the console input the following in proper syntax. bind <key> say "/buybitminerfuel"

     If you don't feel like goin to your base to restock your fuel every few minutes, place a fading door platform above your generator and place fuels on it. When you feel the need to, toggle your fading door to drop the fuel onto your generator (can be buggy at times.)


Proper mining setup without extension lead.


Proper mining setup with extension lead.


Example of setting the keybind.


-----=Efficiencies of Different Bitcoin Miners With Different Upgrades=-----

     In this section of the post, we will go over the return on investment (ROI) of different bitminers. The ROI is the amount of time it takes for your miner to start making profit after you've invested in it. Below is a table I've made over the course of 12 hours to demonstrate the efficiency of bitminers and money printers. For a miner to be the most efficient, it needs to have the least ROI time.

    The costs listed DO NOT include the generator and power leads.

     The income and ROI are measured in minutes. Numbers on the charts may slightly vary based on latency from the mining start and mining stop commands.


Let's start with the Bitminer S1 model.    



The base unit (no upgrades) is the most efficient S1 you can have. If we refer to the charts, you will start making profit after about 14 minutes and 54 seconds. The ROI time is much lower because the miner can pay for itself much faster than the other tested S1 models. If you choose to use the Bitminer S1, DON'T UPGRADE IT! Also, be sure to stay on for at least 15 minutes of it mining to ensure you don't suffer any losses.

     Don't fool yourself with upgrades that will hurt you. As we can see with the Bitminer S1 with a maxed out CPU and MAX cores, that S1 would take 5 hours, 34 minutes and 25.2 seconds to start making profit.


Now for the Bitminer S2 model.



     If we refer to the ROI chart, we can see that the Bitminer S2 with 3.732 Ghz is the most efficient S2 model you can have. If you choose to use the S2 model, I recommend that you perform upgrade 1 twice.


Finally, the Bitminer Rack.





     In the case of the Bitminer Rack, the most efficient combination of upgrades is a 6.78 Ghz CPU with 8 servers. That is the most efficient Bitminer Rack, but I would recommend that you fully upgrade the CPU because the Rack would only take a few minutes to start making even greater profits.

-----=Money Printer Efficiency=-----


     Money Printers are another way to make money in the server. You don't see money printer all too often because you can only have 1 of each of the 5 printers in the server (assuming you're an exhibitionist.) If you have no rank, you can only have two different printers. But you're still in luck! The Bronze Printer is the most efficient of them all! It only takes 6 minutes and 25.8 seconds to make your money back, while the printer that you pay $40 USD for is the worst printer on the server, the Ruby Printer with a 24 minute ROI time. It is to be noted that all of the printers are more efficient than the bitminers.



     The most efficient setup based off of this guide would be:

  • 2x Non-upgraded Bitminer S1 models
  • 2x 3.732 Ghz Bitminer S2 models
  • 2x 6.78 Ghz Bitminer Racks with 8 servers each
  • 1x Bronze Printer
  • 1x Silver Printer
  • 1x Gold Printer
  • 1x Diamond Printer
  • 1x Ruby Printer

  Thank you for reading my guide on bitminer and printer efficiency. I hope this guide was able to help you and/or enable you to have more insight on the whole system.

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