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Admin Abuse


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Your in-game name:

 GR neko

Staff members name:

 Copton Chill

Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):


Explain what happened:

 So I was calling a sit for someone rdming me. Copton responded but was basing with the guy(s) I called the sit on. So I suspected some bias. After calling the sit, Copton seemed to acting to play dumb (bringing the wrong guy, saying "let me check if hes in a rp situation before I can teleport him). Yeah it's sorta of a pussy report but It just really seemed bias and pissed me off.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)

Pictures of him teleporting the wrong person and some dumb excuse.




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I needed to check if he was in a RP situation before I tp'ed him because If he was in the middle of a raid , it would be unfair because he would be pulled out and his defenses out. I mostly do this before I tp anyone . I knew the person might be getting raided because there was a war happening between two parties . This is not biased , I do this for almost all that I tp because they might be in a critical moment . Exceptions are suspected mass RDMers. As for the screenshot , the STEAM ID of the last person that I copied (for bringing him to delete prop minge) was still in my clipboard , that's why the wrong person was tp'ed. Thats why I say in chat that he was not in the party , so he couldn't KOS on the party's property. I returned the wrong person immediately and tp'ed the correct one. I was not based with them for quite some time before you called the sit. I was in admin mode when the sit was called.

Backstory on sit :

GR neko used a ramp that was KOS to reach a ledge. The person who owned the ramp had killed GR neko . GR neko complained that he only used the ramp as a means to reach another place. This ledge is pretty close to the base and GR neko admitted he used the ramp which was KOS

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If it is kos on the ramp then it was not rdm therefor copton was in the right and it was not being bias if there was an actual reason to kill you.

I will be closing this thread to prevent further useless bumps.

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