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7/24/2018 Update


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  • Being jailed upon reconnecting if you were jailed previously had a bug in it where it would multiply the time of the previous jail by 60 and jail you for that time when you'd reconnect, it was little mistake in the code, it has been fixed. If you were unlucky enough to have rejoined and been jailed, and then disconnected, your time would have been multiplied by 60, again. Because of this the data for jails has been cleared so anyone who was jailed is now able to rejoin without being jailed.
  • Fixed multiple exploits in bitminers 2



I have recently been working on multiple projects, to name a few:

  • Optimizing hooks, and optimization in general
  • fLib ( a personal library to speed up the development of addons )
  • fLogs :)
  • A new hud ( fHUD )
  • A poll addon to collect user's input on certain topics

I will most likely be making dev blogs on fLogs and the new hud to get suggestions on what I should do with them.

my plans are not what upcoming updates are limited to, have fun nerds

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