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Copton Chill Staff Report


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Your in-game name: Robo Cop


Staff members name: Copton Chill


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:153375821


Explain what happened: So, Voren advert in chat 'Kill me' ([Advert] [VIP+] Voren: kill me) and after he had adverted that, his friend Chartrix, allegedly killed him. He then respawned and by the time I got found him he didn't have spawn protection on so it looked like no one had killed him. I then killed him and he respawned and started complaining. He called an admin and we were both pulled into a sit by copton. Copton then continuously takes his side and refuses to listen to my side of the story where I try to explain what happened and the misunderstanding. Once again, he refuses to listen. He then teleports me away and jails me wrongly and still refuses to listen to me through PM's. (He ignores me)


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)

The picture of the floating guy is a guy copton jailed and left frozen in jail. He can now not get down and no one can kill him to help him.


Screenshot (1).png

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You killed him in his next life. He adverted kill me in his previous life. New Life Rule applies here since he died and his past life shouldn't affect him. Now I don't know if it was accidental or not but he did not do anything in his current life to die.






It is not anyone but your fault that his "boyfriend" had already killed him. Which was 10 seconds before you killled Voren.


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Really I don’t see anything wrong as it was his past life he was killed and where’d you get the idea to kill him? I believe copton is in the right here. Plus your video shows no proof of him not allowing you to say your side other than you typing pms. Some chat logs too but he is listening to you and responding to you. Staff want to get sits done quickly and he saw your dmed so he jailed you to get the next sit.

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  • Owner

I really don't see the point in reporting copton as he did his job perfectly fine, Your proof doesn't even make sense as it isn't really proof of anything other than the fact of you threatening a staff member with a staff report for doing his job correctly, you also have to think of how many sits he is currently dealing with when you are trying to call him back to listen to your side of the story when you are clearly in the wrong. The logs obviously proved that you rdm'd and broke nlr by killing him right outside of spawn.

The staff member did nothing wrong
I am closing this thread to prevent any more useless bumps.

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