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Banned by a corrupt mod


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EDIT: At Compton's recommendation on the Discord, I would like to include that this is both a staff complaint AND a ban appeal. I would also like to say I was banned for attempting to crash a server. Whilst I knew the consequences, I feel it was a justified attempt considering the situation. I did not in fact crash the server. If I have to make a seperate thread for a ban appeal, consider this one the staff complaint.
STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:61957949

EDIT+:I have removed the following line "This ban is unjustified and should be reversed.".
After thinking it through, an attempted server crash is a completely justified reason for my ban.
However I do not regret my actions in my quest to annoy this mod as much as I could. This does not mean I was beating for a reaction, I was simply fighting back against abusive powers.
I do not want to be unbanned, but I would like to see justice.

EDIT++:Removed claim that he "restarted the server".
This was my honest mistake.


I was happy to play the Mex-America border rp server all day today, speaking with many admins and befriending some. The last admin left.
Then 'Compton Chill' joined. His constant abuse of admin powers was blatant to everyone on the server.
After he joined, the server dropped from 40 online players to 2. TWO. Mostly because he banned the majority of people that he was abusing, me being one of them.
As is custom when dealing with people who have broken rules, usually first time offenses include a warn. This admin instantly jailed anyone who prop blocked, prop climbed, etc. and sitting in a cell for 5min isn't worth anyones time. This guy had a personal vendetta against anyone who spoke out. This can be clearly seen in the first clip, where he jails my friend for prop climbing after seeing others do it too (They are in the background prop climbing themselves, but didn't get jailed too?) No warning either.

If you want more clips, just ask.
right now I don't have the time or patience to trim down my hours of footage. 

In the second clip, there was breaks in between my messages. I did not spam /ooc and thus didn't constitute a mute. I was jaled for attempted RDM because I shot at him (venting my frustration), even though I knew he had god mode enabled. Guess he just wanted a reason to put me away too :) 

(I missed out on a large portion of evidence because I forgot I had Shadowplay installed, but ask anyone that was online between 10am-1pm. They will back up everything I've said, see screenshot below of people online at the time. The second screenshot is proof of my evidence. Nearly 100GB or raw footage.)


evidence 2.png

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I don't care if it's not in 'format'.
You still understand what the purpose of this thread is, and to be honest I don't feel like writing all this again.
Auto-deny it if you will, but maybe you should revise your rules considering ban appeals to accept more unorthodox posts.

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Don't try and undermine my post by stating why I was banned. Thats not the point. 
The point I'm making is you abused your power as a trusted staff member, caused an actual RIOT in a Gmod server and banned anyone who was resisting.
Sort your god complex out, or don't manage a server.

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Although not in format, all the necessary data is there, so this will not be locked.

I will be moving this to the Staff Reports section.

@Harry4420 I recommend you start uploading everything you have if you want your entire story laid out.

(I am not a MBRP Staff Member, therefore I cannot handle this any further than approving it.)

Moved and will remain active until reviewed by Community Management.

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The one under the spotlight right now is you. Do you have proof that you were not attempting to crash the server? If you don't have that proof then this thread is going to be locked by a higher up. 

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2 minutes ago, Voided Out said:

I’m confused what the first video shows exactly, because all I see is a guy getting jailed.

It doesn't show anything. He was jailed and apparently that's supposed to emphasize abuse or imply that he jailed for a false reason when it was taken completely out of context. Show us the raw footage. Nothing clipped out and give us timestamps that lead to the beginning of each scenario of "abuse"

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The first video is of me jailing a player because of him prop surfing.

What do you accuse me of there ? The person in the background building a base. I would say that that is as far as I would allow a roof base to extend to.

Second video is me jailing you for ARDM(Attempted RDM) . You shot at me for no valid RP reason.

One of your friend "Fuhrer something" even made his other friend change his name to something like Fuhrer's son or whatever and then Mass RDM. All along this time , you guys were textscreen minging and putting it everywhere while it having no RP aspect to it , like saying "ADMIN SHIT" or other things with admin on it. 

On top of all this , I was alone with 40 plus players. 10 of them physgunning textboxes to me and then 5 getting ready to mass rdm. You people kept on minging the adverts with FailRP adverts like ADMIN ABUSE and then in OOC . I told you all to stop publicly in OOC and you didnt. Instead of did 5-6 messages in a row calling false abuse and me a wanker. I muted you for this since you were told not to fill the chatbox with crap. 

The reaaon you think I was only jailing certain people was because of your lack of awareness on server rules and not knowing that CP's cant just build ramps to jails and bases in the public. Even I may have jailed hobo's for solely making ramps to go on top of a jail when they are to make a small shack. 

After all this , you and your friends all got together in a room and one leader came up and said that you all are going to start spamming props to crash the server. He even said which specific props to spam. So you guys went and started stacker spamming and prop spamming in the streets. The person who had initiated this idea got banned as soon as he left the door. There is no doubt that he wouldve done the same as the rest. I saw this all and banned all that did this. The rest , unaware of their group leader being banned went on merrily spamming props and stacking it around the streets , which did include you . Yes , you did spam your stacker with you group in a planned manner . This wasnt just minging , you people set out specifically to crash the server.

You tried.

I will add more comments on what happened when I am at my laptop.

Nothing can justify attempting to crash a server. In this case , it was nothing that fueled you to attempt to crash a server. 

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I could literally say you have no evidence and deny anything like that ever happening :D abit like you right now. Why would I go out of my way to attack you? I'm not a spiteful person and I have nothing to gain from this.

You're spinning the issue back to me just because you've got friends to back you up. You can avoid it all you wan't but I've got the evidence and I'll prove you all wrong and get you demoted, if anything.


Well probably not since at the end of the day, who cares right?

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2 minutes ago, Harry4420 said:

I'm not a spiteful person and I have nothing to gain from this.


2 minutes ago, Harry4420 said:

and I'll prove you all wrong and get you demoted

These are contradicting statements. You claim to not be spiteful yet you want to get him demoted. Proof that he abused his powers is required when making a staff report. You've shown nothing that proves this. 

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2 hours ago, Harry4420 said:

After thinking it through, an attempted server crash is a completely justified reason for my ban.
However I do not regret my actions in my quest to annoy this mod as much as I could.

You deliberately prop spammed to get a reaction. I don't see any other motive for that except personal enjoyment. The only further replies out of me will be about future clips that you post. If you have them, best get to posting them. If not then let the thread die. Very simple.

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When majority of the staff reports are about compton, it's obvious that he is a blatant abuser of his admin powers. Whether the accusation have been debunked or not, it takes time to write these threads.
Why would anyone waste time signing up to a forums account and spending ages clipping screenshots/clips and writing their stories? And for nothing?
Its always the same, with you guys backing eachother up.

Lick each others arses as much as you wan't. I'm done with you admins ganging up on me.
Close the thread, but don't delete it. It should stay for the record.

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