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Get these people banned


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Your in-game name:


Users IGN: Itslagging2319


Users SteamID(Users SteamID_0:0:141545595 (That 20 Year old Boomer) & SteamID_0:0:38622658(BIG DADDY OBUNGA)

Explain what happened: I was playing MexicanBorder Roleplay, And I was being bullied by the people I mentioned before. He was president and he made rules that seemed unfair to me, and me only. I have a photo of the rules he set that seemed unfair to me. Mystic is my name in the game.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) unknown.png?width=720&height=181unknown.pngunknown.png The video link 


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from what I see and have seen, these people were bullying and harassing, plus abusing the role as president. (They argued with me until i got them to delete the laws.) 

The reason you see me in the screenshot of laws is I'm usually in a discord with koro or other staff as i'm good friends with many staff.

+Support, I believe they should be punished.

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