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Trial Mod Admin Abuse during raid and later on.


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Your in-game name: J3ff 

my friend slimjim was also involved 

Spytfyre also was involved in the @ claim 


Staff members name:

Blake A which was change later on to like mr.blake (bg Owner) at the time of his abuse 

Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):


Explain what happened:

 Slimjim And I (J3FF) decided to raid a base outside the mexican border. We adverted raid and were in a party together- blake and a player named washington were outside the entrance to blake's base so we killed them. blake later came back outside teh base across the street. he was just watching so i wasn't going to shoot him. slimjim was then killed by washington- who broke nlr. i continued to break into the base. thats when blake nocliped through the wall and killed me while he was in god mode. i reported it to spitfyre. 

later on blake confronted me i told him i was going to report him on the fourms. slimjim was in a sit with spitfyre at the time and i requested to join the admim sit. blake accepted my @ claim and instantly denyed it. i tried three times each closed by blake. blake said that i could not report staff to another admin. he decided to punish himself by jailing himself for 5 minuets for breaking nlr.  later he killed me and slimjim while in god mode outside his base. slimjim said that it was fine just so he would leave us alone and stop following us annoying apologizing so as he said " if i have video proof of him saying it nothing will happen". 

i really enjoy the server and people like this ruin it for others. 

not even the fact that he was an admin and if he gets demoted he should still get banned for breaking the rules of the server that he was suppose to enforce. 

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)






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+ Support

  • I have definitely witnessed blake abusing his powers
  • He got jailed by another mod for his actions
  • These guy's story is very credible - lots of evidence
  • Blake took a sit about the situation and immediately closed it - kinda just proves him at fault

I definitely support some kind of action being taken, however I believe Blake was already demoted.


move to mbrp reports tho

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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