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Gingie's E2 Lessons | Lesson 1 - What is E2?


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Alright class, take a seat and takeout your textbooks, Flip to page 1 in the E2 tutorial section of your wire mod handbook. 

This first tutorial isn't really a tutorial its just the basics, if you already know the basics, refer to the next lesson to actually learn something. 

I am going to try and keep these tutorials specific to the DarkRP game mode.

One question I get the most when it comes to E2 is "What the hell is E2?" so in today's lesson we will go over what E2 is, the basics of E2, and how it can be used for your advantage.


What Is E2?

E2 is a chip that is apart of the Wire-mod addon for servers. This chip allows you to code in game and has a virtually endless amount of uses. Some of the more popular uses in the Dark RP game mode are, AutoMatic Gunshops, Money Donation Screens, and AutoMatic Hotel E2's. But it is not limited to those 3 things, you can make pretty much anything. E2 is a easy way to get banned on the server however, so choose wisely how you use it, and ALWAYS obey the rules.


The Basics 

You can't create an E2 properly without knowing what the first 5 lines mean. Upon creating a new E2 you are greeted by 5 lines of code that are labeled "@name" "@inputs" "@outputs" "@persist" and "@trigger", for DarkRP purposes you won't really be using Trigger too often, but I will still cover what it means and how to use it.

@name is the first line of the E2, this is pretty self explanatory, it determines the name of the E2.

@inputs is the second line of the E2, for things like gun shops this is where you put your screen wire link, or anything else that the E2 is inputting signal to. 

@outputs is the third line of the E2, this is where you put things that out put a signal to the E2. Such as users. 

@persist this is the fourth line of the E2, this is where you store variables that need to be stored after each execution. These are also known as Global Variables. you would use this for things like Shipments in a gunshop. 

@trigger this is the fifth and final line of a brand new E2, This determines what triggers the E2 to run. I wouldn't worry too much about this one, in DarkRP its pretty useless. 


The Advantages

There are a handful of advantages when it comes to E2. For DarkRP the main advantage would be automation. You can make a Gunshop that is fully automatic and doesn't even require you to be there to use it. I personally set one of these up outside of my base and just let people come in and buy guns when they need them, its a great way to turn a profit with shipments of guns you don't use. E2 can also be used in many "useless" ways, when I say useless I mean it has 0 gain in gameplay but is still cool. Like the E2 I just released yesterday, a fishtank. Its cool, everyone loves it, but It has no real gain on the gameplay experience. 


The next lesson will involve EGP's. I'm going to skip all of the small stuff because It's not really beneficial to the DarkRP gamemode. EGP is pretty important in the DarkRP Gamemode, for building things like signs, gunshops, and anything else.

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