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DarkRP Update 8/21/2018


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Lean Buff

  1. Lean: Changed
  2. Lean sell price per cup buffed: 2500>3000
  3. Lean crate storage buffed: 10>25
  4. Lean barrel buffed: 4>6
  5. Lean mix time nerfed: 30>45
  6. Sprite price buffed: 500>450
  7. Ice cube price buffed: 100>75
  8. Jolly Ranchers nerfed: 150>175

Additional information: Full crates now yield $75,000 instead of $25,000

[Added] Added back the old thirdperson system, !thirdperson.
[Fix] Fixed the mining system finally
[Fix] Fixed Gangs system
[Fix] Fixed the red x's glitch hopefully
[Removed] Removed aloe plants

Upgraded max slots from 90 to 110!

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