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I got abused.


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Your in-game name:'[kek]Lucy


Staff members name:Angela Merkel


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):STEAM_0:1:159214693


Explain what happened:So I got a admin sit on me about my base and he told me to switch jobs or remove it because I was police so I changed jobs and he kicked me.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!) https://youtu.be/-ei4ZQOcDIU

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You ignored him until he decided to kick you. You had to switch your job but you instead started to work on ramp. When Angela started writing the command for your kick, it was already too late since you were made aware that it was breaking the rules for more than 40 seconds before he started writing the commands to kick you. We have other tickets to do and 40 seconds really isn't how long we want to spend on these issues. Also most staff don't pay much attention to HUD when they're already writing a command. Fron Angela's perspective, he can't see you on your f4 menu, all he can hear is you saying "I will change it" and 20 seconds later, you still haven't changed your job.


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all ready 2 mins in and you just killed someone WITCH WAS RDM, as a cop you are not permited to own a base as a gov and then you used the excuses "i'm not using in tho" after saying there was a kos sign, if you are giving  someone else your base you are not meant to follow the kos sign anymore. on top you continuously went into other peoples bases as a cop without a warent or them letting you in witch is frp you can't go into someones base unless thay let you in or you have a warent and are raiding.

as you were in the sit he asked you to fix the ramp witch you did not do. so he had full right to kick you there. next time i suggest you fix the base and  then  change jobs.

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