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08/27/2018 Update!


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  • Patched a major sql exploit in gmining
  • Moved gmining sql database to a new webhost(More secure)
  • Transferred loading screens to new webhost
  • Transferred everything on darkrp to new webhost sql (money, inventory etc)
  • Fixed loading screen showing you the wrong amount of money
  • Fixed some jobs not able to see meth supplies
  • Transferred tasks to new webhost
  • Transferred all inventories to new webhost
  • Fixed some bugs in coinflip and hopefully an exploit
  • Buffed railgun to be worth grinding for
  • Added ammo for the railgun

MBRP Update coming soon!

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TFW you spent 50+ hours grinding for 10 days to be able to buy 1 speed upgrade and get a 0.001% chance of permaweaponite then all the upgrades are reset and you have nothing.


"Can you fuck off? I'm trying to eat my cereal in peace!" - Moses

OOFER Gang was disbanded.

Ex-Enclave Trooper

ExhibitionRP Ex-S.I.T

P.S I'm no longer selling bases due to inactivity.



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