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Exhibition Forums Rules:

General Rules:

1.) Use common sense 

2.) If the Original Poster asks you to leave their thread because you have broken one of the forum rules you must comply. (The OP must provide a valid reason)

3.) Do not derail a thread/topic (Derailment is defined as intentionally bring up topics that do not relate to the OP.)

4.) Everything posted on the forums should be in English.

5.) Names on forums should be in English or contain words in English.

6.) Do not create any racist replies/threads/signatures/ect.

7.) Rated X Content is not allowed on the forums. This includes nudity, pornographic, graphic violence ect. (You will receive a 1 week ban)

8.) Rated R content is not allowed on the forums.

9.) Any video, image, or link displaying realistic human or animal violence is strictly prohibited and you will receive a permanent forum ban.

10.) Spam posting on the forums is not allowed, and you will receive a warn which will restrict your access on the forums.

11.) Do not spam support/down rep a user, because you do not like them (If this happens your reputation will be reset to what it was beforehand)

12.) Any type of self promoting on the forums is prohibited, and the posts will be deleted.

13.) Any threat on the forums against the website, users, and the server is strictly prohibited, and you will receive a permanent forum ban (We reserve the right to ban you on the server for any threats made)

14.) Keep all threads within their appropriate sections. (If no section is appropriate, use General Discussion)

15.) Do not attempt to gain access to any password protected sections on the website.

16.) Do not post any links to websites including, but not limited to, requiring downloads, hosting malware, hosting viruses, Rated X, Rated R, and realistic violence.

17.) If you are posting proof of a player/staff abuse and are including a link, use a trusted website (Youtube, Imgur, flickr, google photos ect.)


18.) Staff reserves the right to force you to change your profile picture/cover photo at any time.

19.) Staff has the final say on the forum rules.

20.) A staff member may ask you to leave a thread/topic at anytime (They also have the right to ban your privilege to post inside a thread/topic if necessary)

21.) Staff reserves the right to delete/edit or modify content based on the forum rules.


22.) No "bumping" (posting in threads where the last comment was 10 days or more before). This will result in a warn.

Posting Rules:

  • Do not post any Rated X content to your feed.
  • Do not post any Rated R content to your feed.
  • Do not post any realistic violence to your feed.
  • Do not post any pornographic, gore, etc. material to your feed.
  • Do not express any of your ideas regarding race, religion, etc.
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