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9/05/2018 Update


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  • Fixed Supplier not being able to raid the bank
  • Added taser to Police flash
  • Nerfed Double barrel damage and increased the recoil
  • Buffed the fortnite scar to be worth grinding for
  • Buffed the Blundergat to be worth the money it cost

Both Servers:

  • Fixed visual bug with the titles and overhead hud that would spam you with script errors
  • Added a max character limit for the titles (Max is 26)



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4 hours ago, {tpz}☢zoroark720☢ said:

can wait to you fix xp have you just tried deleting my data for xp and see if that fixes it or maybe just removing and reinstalling the the mod


Zoroark I think the XP bug is just people seeing themselves leveling up and they just don't know it.

"Can you fuck off? I'm trying to eat my cereal in peace!" - Moses

OOFER Gang was disbanded.

Ex-Enclave Trooper

ExhibitionRP Ex-S.I.T

P.S I'm no longer selling bases due to inactivity.



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