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9/06/2018 Update


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The update log from last night was not implemented today due to the server control panel bugging out and causing the server to never restart so they will be in for tomorrow (9/06/2018 @ 6:00AM EST) along with these updates right here!


  • You may now damage players that are sitting down
  • Reduced sound of the pickaxe so it doesn't ear rape anymore (woops)


  • Disabled the double shot on the double barrel
  • Added it so you can zoom in with the double barrel by simply right clicking
  • Nerfed the damage on the spas 12 a little bit
  • Slowed down the RPM on the spas 12
  • Made a new category for the shotguns called "Exhibition Shotguns" all of the weapons will be moved into similar categories as they are tweaked
  • Added base defense turrets for VIP and up. (They do 10 damage per hit) (You buy them from the F4 Menu)

Give me suggestions on which weapons should receive a buff/nerf so I can get these weapons fixed up!

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