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Angela Merkel Disregard for precure, abuse of powers.

Voren Redden

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Your in-game name:Voren


Staff members name:Angela Merkel


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):



Explain what happened:

 So. I got on, and shortly went to hanging around the WH, loitering, and waiting for hits as an expert hitman. I got a hit, killed the President, yada yada. Shortly after, me and MrPedro, were being shot from inside the WH, and we returned fire. When pedro called a raid, I ran in, and shot the president, as he was the only one inside, and the one who had shot me. The president, being Angela, immediately took me up to a sit, and jailed me, saying that party raids, weren't allowed for WH raid, despite being told multiple times by other administration, that it was, in fact, allowed for WH raid. 

Angela stated that all other admins handle things differently, and that it was up to their interpretation of the rule, to do as they see fit, and jailed me, and was on to jailing pedro, until I said that I had killed them, not because I was raiding, but because I was shot first, at which point they immediately unjailed, and ran back off, without another word.


Very shortly after, They walked up to me, stated that I was suspected of being in possession of weapons, which were currently illegal. They searched me, and at that point, I whipped out my gun, and shot them dead. I've been told multiple times that if an officer has the ability to arrest you, or is chasing after you with their baton, in a very short Radius, that you may kill them. I was not asked about this, or even talked to. I was immediately jailed within 5 seconds of having killed them, at which point, they logged off, and went to go talk to another admin about it. No investigation, no questions, no attempt to do even a semblance of a job, that I've come to both aspect, and quite like, from every other admin

I will be posting below what transpired both in game via screenshots, and the conversation that took place in the official discord, immediately after.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)






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3 hours ago, Angela Merkel said:

Didn't log off. I crashed. If you check, I use mac, and mac is very well known for crashing. Anyway, I do agree with his statements, and I do understand the mistake I have made. I will accept responsibility for my actions.


You said you dc’ed, not you crashed?

If you didn’t bring the user to a sit you can’t punish them.

Especially in a case involving yourself you need to explore every possibility, and not be biased towards yourself and just be mad that you died, etc.


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  • Owner

This staff member will be dealt with accordingly he has done a few things wrong in this.

1. Taking his own sit "Claims that he can because he is the only staff on"

2. Not sticking to the rules as it doesn't say that you can't party raid in the wh.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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