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Random guy report


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Your in-game name: Gurm


Staff members name: RandomGuy (VorenJR)


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:87111502


Explain what happened: So, I was walking down the road, and out of nowhere VorenJR (RandomGuy) killed me with a machete, so I call a sit on him and after I call the sit he adverts crossfire. Once I am brought to the sit, the admin tries to call him over because he has a sit on him which you see in the video, but he didn't tp. After the admin gets him to come over (Not sure how he did it since I was looking in the console at the time but I think he was physgunned into the sit), he flies away and then brings a guy who has nothing to do with the sit as far as I am aware and proceeds to physgun him around and then RDM him in the sit. After all of that is done, I am told that if he adverts crossfire it is not RDM (Which is complete bullshit btw) and then after I tell him that I am reporting him he physguns me around for no reason while screaming jibberish at me then flies away.

All in all this man is very immature and is not fit to be staff


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!) My mic isn't working in this video not sure why 


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Just now, Gurm said:

I would also like to add that this report is less about the RDM and more about the fact that he abused in the sit rdmed in the sit and made up his own rules 

When a staff member gets called to a sit they're required to stay there. I do agree that him flying away in the beginning was kinda sketch. And him killing someone in a sit is no good either. This shit is so fucked, i'm not sure why all the staff members have been acting like jackasses lately. First Ghetto, now random. It sucks cause it sheds such a poor light on the whole staffing team just cause a few peoples actions.

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