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Video recording apps


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Xsplit gamecaster   (i suggest this one)

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This is the one i used. This Screen recording application is simple and easy to navigate by clicking shift + tab a screen will pop up and you will click record simple as that!  after you are done recording the video should go directly to your Video files and your all set!


OBS studios 


OBS is my second most suggested it is also easy navigation and it pretty simple how to start this up you simply press record these videos probably go straight to your video files.



GEFORCE® EXPERIENCE (thorobred suggest this one) 


Very easy navigation click only alt + z and then your recording with this one right when you stop recording it will go straight into your video file only downfall is you need nvideia Gpu and if dont have it you cant use this app


Other video recording app suggested by players (this will be updated but down here you will have to do your research)







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1 hour ago, Copton Chill said:

I have OBS and it took me about 20 minutes of trial and error to get it recording.... Very buggy to get it set up.

Honestly it is just a little more frightening to newer users, learning to use it better will give you a whole different opinion, Just like programming, seems iffy at first but definitely pays out at the end would have to be my second best to Nvidia Shadowcaster

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