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DarkRP Updates 1/20-7/20/2017

Stay Frosty

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  • Co-Owner
- Parkour changed to Parkourist
- Weapons on the jobs have been redone
- Changed the starting armor of the Bulldozer from 250 to 150
- Judge Gabe is now VIP+
- Removed the Pee Swep
- Removed Pills
- Added Hobo King as a VIP Class
- Added Judge Gabe to PD Doors
- Changed Meth Addict to Meth Cook
- Increased Prices of the Printers/Bit Miners
- Added Italian and Russian Gangs
- Removed Handcuffs
- Added New logging system
-Removed Arcbank
-Removed Hacker Job
-Removed Keycards
-Fixed Climb Swep 2
-Added more Jobs
-Removed Party System(FPS Lag)
-Added Money pots
-Added Tip jars
-Replaced DJ model
-Removed Hlogs
-Added Blogs back
-Fixed Adv Dupe lag
-Fixed spawn problem (Hopefully)
-Minor FPS boost
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  • Owner


ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.0.0

 -Nerfed Bitminers

 -Added a new !report system (When someone RDM's you, you can type !report to start a report on the suspect.) For admins and all staff, type !reportadmin to claim reports that players have made. THIS IS HOW WE DO SITS NOW.

-Added a new weed growing and selling system with the ability to do drugs and sell them for a good profit.

-Fixed bitminer fuel saying the limit has been reached.

-Fixed doors not saying who has a co-owner

-General server optimization.

more updates coming soon

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  • Owner


ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.0.2

- Fixed the Battering Ram issue. (It would keep you going slow until respawn)

- Fixed M9K Explosion Damage

- A few more bug fixes that I can't remember.

Expect big updates soon!

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ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.0.5

- The Police Department has been restructured, with new unique employment opportunities all around!

- The Gun Dealer Consortium has re-arranged who can sell what, and you may need to contact different stores for once!

- A brand new shipment of weapons and weapon attachments have been located at your local gun dealers, labeled "T.F.A Specialties". Inquire with your local dealer to find out more!

- The world suddenly looks prettier, with many visual options available in your Overlays/Shaders Q menu tab.

- If you are experiencing framerate problems, consider checking the Options menu and the various Performance and Clientside tabs.

- Combat is now more deadly and visceral. Watch for flying heads!

- DarkRP Citizens have remembered they have knees and have figured out how to dodge-roll. Double-tap a movement key to perform this.


- If you want to roll manually, please put the following in your console: "bind KEY_OF_CHOICE wos_roll_use" and press that key.

- Citizens of DarkRP have become a lot more talkative recently and may react to the things around them.

- If you want to speak manually, please put the following in your console: "bind KEY_OF_CHOICE +tfa_vox_callout_radial" and press that key.

- You can now look over your shoulder. Toggle this with !tp_ots in the chat.

- You can now see how much armor others have visually by looking at their body!

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ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.0.6

-Removed the oil system due to issues with it.
-Added E2 Extensions!

-Added Farming system.

-Added mayor voting system (Make being mayor more realistic!) 

-Added Dumpsters (Only hobo's can search dumpsters!)

-Added new stungun for police.

-New bounty system added.

New updates coming soon!

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ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.0.7

  • New boombox for the DJ and radio's for other jobs.
  • New Hud for better server performance
  • Reverted to the old F4 Menu for the best possible performance
  • Reverting back to the FAdmin Scoreboard (May be permanent or until we find one that with match themes and be good for server performance)
  • Removed Atlas Chat (Caused performance issues)
  • Added a new optimized chat system.
  • Reverted back to Bitminers 1 (More user friendly)
  • Blocked some animated materials to increase client side performance
  • Tweaked the Printers. (Speed, Amount seeing that they were too overpowered and ruining the server economy)
  • Removed Farm system (Caused Server side lag)
  • Removed the weed system (Caused server side lag and client side lag)
  • Added New Optimized weed system
  • Removed Dumpsters due to issues with saving them to the map

    This update was mainly performance fixes to optimize the server for more playerslots :)!!
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  • Owner


ExhibitionRP Changelog


  • Removed some useless unneeded jobs.
  • Changed the playermodels of SWAT Members
  • Removed Italian and Russian Gangs
  • Removed inactive cc's
  • Added APG to the server (This means no more prop surf and prop climb)

    Small performance changes!
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  • Owner


ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.0.8

  • Reconfigured APG!
  • Removed Blues Unboxing (Caused players games to crash when opened, Horribly optimized.)
  • Added a Permanent weapon seller NPC for CSGO Knifes
  • Changed the weed system to a new simple optimized weed plant.
  • Added new one of a kind materials.
  • Added a new optimized adv dupe 2.
  • Tweaked the settings for the money printers.
  • Tweaked the bitminers.
  • No longer able to inv money.
  • Removed pets (Extremely laggy, and annoying) 
  • Updated the gems in the Advanced mining system.
  • RT Camera is now accessible by all ranks!
  • Changed to a new IP it is a better machine then what we had.. Increased performance ""
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ExhibitionRP Changelog

  • Removed bitminer 2 (Was causing error where it would say "Limit was reached" on entities that were previously used.)
  • Removed Baby God (No need having it seeing that we have a spawn protection!)
  • Removed Tax system 
  • Added new printers.
  • Increased the income on the printers.
  • A few more minor optimizations.
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  • Owner


ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.0.9

  • Added bitminer 1
  • Added a new alchemy mod 
  • Changed Magician job to Alchemist
  • Alchemist are now available for all players to use.
  • Added a few new fun jobs.
  • Updated cinema script (Minor optimizations)
  • Added RDM Manager (For staff)

    More updates to come!!
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