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11/14/2018 Update!


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  • Fixed weapons not loading bug when switching to Police.
  • Changed Tick Rate back to 12 to hopefully help a little bit with performance!
  • Increased default run speed for players
  • Increased max miners from 20 to ∞
  • Fixed miners taking up the top half of the scoreboard
  • Decreased the size of safe zone allowing players to base in the 2 properties in spawn.
  • Removed the casino
  • Added Casino Manager
  • Casino Managers now have the ability to spawn gambling machines
  • Casinos gain profit from players using the gambling machines
  • Added 2 more slot machines for gambling
  • Renamed Paramedic to Medic
  • Fixed multiple entities from being able to prop push/surf
  • Added the safe zone signs to the mining area
  • Health bug not changing when switching jobs should be fixed
  • New printers
  • New server ip
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