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hi i want to help


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hunter.warren my steam id is 76561198861538129. my discord name is hunterbeanrex. i have not good staff applications. i am 13 years old my time zone GMT-6. i have played 3 days.  i want to help this sever to be the best ion gmod. i spend 1 hour a day to play. all my time here i have loved this sever and all the bad people that try and mess it up. i want to be there to stop it. i love this sever and it's admins. i play 1 hour on weekdays 3-6 on weekends. yes i had problems in the past i try to fix them. yes i dont need time i need a good time with a good sever. i have read the tos. i am a newbie but i do my best.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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