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hashbrown fda rigsed told me to take it here

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Your in-game name: zoroark 720


Users IGN: @hashbrown


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/😞 STEAM_0:1:205374126



Explain what happened: I was raiding his base it was about 6 minute in he fda and and kill me with mini gun  and he chose one of the small base so I know I should have been able to hear him using his keypads

he ALSO LIED TO STAFF AND CLAIME THE VIDEO i GAVE WAS DOVED OVER MY RECORDING though I can not  not dove plays.tv stuff  note i'm up load a longer and short one to prove even if you go back to the start of my raid you can not here keypad being used 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) https://plays.tv/video/5bf3b87f7b71553721/fd-in-rid

extended cut


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There are other ways of opening doors, more than just using the keypad. He could have lockpicked his way in to be more stealthy. Just because you dont get the loud auditory cue of someone coming doesnt mean they are FDA'ing. Its much easier to deal with FDA when you can see them committing the crime. 

Im neutral, there is not enough evidence for me to say you are right or wrong.


Dove? Do you mean edited?

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Thank you for voicing your concerns to the ExhibitionRP Administration Team. We apologize that you had this negative experience. Your feedback is important to us, however you lack the information needed to support your case, if you would please provide more evidence supporting your claims, that would be great.

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