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Syncing your in-game rank to the forums.


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Hey there! Just thought I make a little guide for those that wish to get there ranks without any hassle. 

(Pictures are included for visual learners. :3) 


First Step: to syncing your in-game rank to ur forums account you click on ur forums profile name which will bring a drop down menu. 



Second Step: You will then click on "Account Settings" located in that list.



Third Step: Once you have proceeded into your account settings you will then go into "Steam Integration" located at the bottom



Fourth Step: After clicking that tab it will bring up the steam integration menu which will ask for you to sign up using your steam account. Proceed sign in using your steam account for this next step. 



Fifth Step: Once logged in with your steam account you will then proceed to LOG OUT IF you are on the server, and log back in WHILE logged in on ur forums account. IF you are not logged into the server already, proceed to log on WHILE logged in on ur forums account, and your rank should automatically be processed




The post method above works, the problem that many people seem to have, are with current new ranks. These ranks include, but are not limited to.

MBRP Exhibitionist

PRP Ranks

IF, you do run into a problem with this system not working, please message one of the managers on the discord and send them proof of your purchase and they will manually set your rank for you.

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