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x gon giva to ya's staff application

x gon giva to ya

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Username: (IGN) BigDadyDan (STEAM) x gon giva to ya
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:217803933
Discord: venomousshotzYT#7182
Punishments: yes once for revenge RDM on a mass rdmer.

Age: 14
TimeZone: Central Standerd Time
Time Played: 2 days
Staff Experience: None
Reason: I've wanted to help this server alot because of many things. Since im on every day all day I could be a good asset to controling the rule breakers as much as I can. I have friends that are on most of the time and I get alerted by them to get on when there are mass rdmer, propblockers, ect. Most of the time i see admins get on do 1-2 sits and get off but i could do them all day if needed.
When on: Every day
Rules: read over the rules twice so yes im familier
Loss of game time: yes im aware and im willing to accept that.
TOS: yes ive read them and i agree with them
Rank: No rank for now but i plan to buy one in the future.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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