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compton chill / heavy nigbob

Rusty Knutz

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My in-game name:


Staff members name:

 (Head Staff) i think it was compton Chill / steam name is heavy nigbob

Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):


Explain what happened:

 I was chasing this guy around and he would shoot at me, he would miss a lot of his shots, so I would walk up to him and stab him. This Tmod saw me do it and he pulled me up and asked why I killed this guy. I told him the story and this senior admin was listening and said that my story was true and that it was the guys fault. Then the Head Admin got on and this guy complained so there is another sit, first he takes my party member and apparently the Head Admin accused him of RDM when they where hits and the guy shot his party member,he was left alone. Then the same guy wants me to be handled so it calls me up and i explain that it was already settled with the senior admin Robert. The Head admin didn't really listen and kept going through logs, he seemed like he was really trying to find a reason to get me banned. I asked him if he could bring both Admins up so that they can tell him that they have already taken this case. The Head Admin ignores me and keeps going and says that logs show that i was released at this time and the supposed RDM's happened later ( I stopped messing with him after the sit with the first two admins ) I simply said I'm not sure can you just please ask the admins. He responded with "I'm not stupid" I was going to submit a ticket asking for one or both mods to come sort this out but he bans me before I can.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)hl2_2018-12-05_01-33-39.thumb.png.cb0039216cb6d0c50d0a86e38755c42d.png

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16 minutes ago, Rusty Knutz said:

he would miss a lot of his shots, so I would walk up to him and stab him.

There's the problem, my dude. Can't kill someone for shooting near you. Already told you about this in the sit.

Highly doubt Robert or E-bert will say its not RDM just because someone shot near you. As I already said, you damaged him first.. even if he shot near you first. That will be RDM.

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1. Unless they damage you/provide a valid rp reason(raid,terror,etc) you cannot kill them.

2. Copton seems to have taken over the sit and that can happen, his decision overrides any of a tmod,mod,etc

3. You show no evidence of what went on so I recommend you download a recording software.

4. We currently have no senior admins



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