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Vhris RDM, strangely hard to kill?


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My ingame name: Medium Smalls

offender ingame name: Vhris

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:104195359

Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198168656446

Offense: mass RDM, possible damage/health manipulation? getting people stuck in walls.




I understand that i committed an offence here as well by shooting first, but I wanted to get it on video that this guy was unreasonably hard to kill.

2)  https://youtu.be/Vi2c6BDK9Fk

hit record a bit late but I'd like to show that we were not the ones instigating him/her. 



I'd like to think maybe I'm wrong about him/her breaking any rules since it Seems like this guy has 9 weeks total of playtime so he must be a regular. There were no staff on at the time so i figured I'd make the report before the server reset.

additional photo of stuck incident: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1601557358


edit: made edits to follow proper format. moved post from cityRP report section, made further improvements to format and wording.

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its not really health manipulation but it is bonus health from his class

also i see no mass rdm in either videos sooo

on a sidenote i see you were the motherfucker who killed me 

im not sure about the getting people stuck part and idk if it is a rule but that is the only thing i see

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He didn't advert kidnap when he kidnapped you in the second video so that is FailRP along with getting people stuck in the walls/roof is minging (I was jailed for it by miskie) so all I see in these videos is FailRP x1 maybe 2 if he didn't advert in the first video and minging x2

Also jumping jack jake was putting people in the roof also if you look towards the beginning on the first video so he should be punished as well

Vhris should be punished


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