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Lyren Trou

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I am reporting 2 players in this report


Your in-game name: Exato Macaroti


Users IGN: I dont really know but they were named both some kind of Groggy or smth..


Users SteamID:




Explain what happened: Well both of them started rdming around especially me without reason. After i managed to get them arrested with like 50 deaths on me they started propblocking the spawn and locked every player inside the both spawns keep rdming them and insulting them from the outside..  Before that they were allready hardly failrping with like being a gundealer and raiding the bank.. One of them were a blackmarket dealer that selfsupplied them all the time, the other one a hitman.. they setup some slotmaschines aswell to farm money.. They kept going in the wh to get some money aswell.. And this whole shit was going on for more then 1 hour.. Like 10 player or a bit more including me were trapped, trolled and harrassed over an time period of 1 hour.. Please permban them


 Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) I only got a pic of the propblocked spawns bcs that were the most annoying things.. Over an hour keep propblocking ect.. BAN EM PERMANENT PLEASE






Small edit: On the first pic there is just the name of one of them I think it was Gregger and Groggor.. But they kept changing them anyways..

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I do see clear proof of groggers/grigorag...[ STEAM_0:0:65787620 ] (whatever the fuck, they kept changing it) prop blocking spawn. The logs did show someone by that name and it indeed was one person changing names multiple times. The user having that name had been permanently banned.

Although there is no proof of STEAM_0:0:22080665 blocking spawn in the report, he was RDMing continuously in spawn. He has also been permanently banned for this.

A helpful advice is to have a screenshot of the prop block with the name clearly showing AND their name and STEAM ID being shown in TAB MENU as well. This makes it easier to ban if logs get cleared.

Thread Locked.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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