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Alchemy Guide

The Blurp Sniff

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This is a guide for the alchemist job

Step 1|First Thing you would do is to Buy The Alchemy Table


Step 2|Then You Buy the Bottles Which is located in the F4 Shop Menu and this is what they should look like|


Step 3|After you've done that just drop them on top of the table and it should say a number on the Potion line|


Step 4|Then press e to interact with the table it should open up the alchemy menu|


Step 5|After you have opened the menu just click on the ingredient you want to use and press the create button after picking out which ingredient you want to put inside that potion/bottle then viola you just made a potion|

This is the effect of each ingredient.

Brial - Gives you Health

Eichen - Gives you Speed Boost

Ozium - Will damage anyone who drinks a potion with this ingredient

Tomious - Remove's Fall Damage, Useful with Jumpa

Sirom - Remove's Sounds from Footsteps Useful For Raiding

Jumpa - Makes you Jump Higher

Venenum - Its just Poison

Vanillio - Cure's all Potion Effects

Aumoros - Gives you Armor

Gravitos - Reduce's Gravity and Makes you lighter

Boomium -You get Set on Fire, After a while you Explode 


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