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Permanently banned


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IGN (In-Game name):elmexicano84 

Your SteamID:0:1:44674

Banned by:rdm

Ban date, time & length:permanently banned

Admins ban reason (Message received when denied from joining the server):reason mass rdm x30 

Explain why you were banned and why it was false (Go into detail! it helps us know what to look for in logs!): at first it said to wait 2454 because I had killed x10 people the. Today I went to the server to see how much time I had left and then it said permanently banned because of rdm of x30 and I know I didn’t kill that many people because when i got a hold of guns because I robbed the White House I got guns and me and this guy named Jojo I think his name was where teaming together and knaping people for money and I help them and we told them to give us 2000 dollars or they die and I killed other people because the people we Knaped came back and tried to kill us and then the admin told me I had kill 10 people but I never killed x30 people. And it was my first day playing this sever and it’s fun but I didn’t know there was a rule for killing plz give me a second chance I really liked this server

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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