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Rdmed Multiple times


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Sin has rdmed me multiple times (some were attempt) he has cuffed be twice spam tazed me three times and stuff like that i have a long ass recording but im not going to edit it.......so just check logs if possible 
i dont know if you can check logs for this but philapenes or STEAM_0:1:36054288 has been placing signs on my base that say i eat ass heres a free base come inside and he has been placing kos signs in my face then trying to kill me or people around my base thanks for being a active mod community it really helps

(there were no admins on so they are still harassing me please get more admins on different time zones that would really help)

(also if you need the clip let me know it might of cut out but i can try)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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