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1/18/2019 MexicanBorderRP Update!


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  • Added Pro Lockpick to "El Chapo"
  • Added Pro Lockpick to "Sewer Monster King"
  • Made "Black Market Dealer" a VIP job
  • Added 3 shipments on LMGs to "Black Market Dealer"
    FG 42 for $65,000
    M1918 BAR for $70,000
    PKM for $80,000
  • Added Breaching Charges to Black Market Dealer for $80,000 a shipment
  • Gave Manager access to start/manage events
  • Placed 4 armor machines outside of Mexico spawn
  • Reverted the Hobo and Hobo lord playermodels to the old ones
  • Made ICE accessable by users
  • Added a vote to become ICE
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3 minutes ago, Miskie said:

@GR Exiled What printer fixes? Also Custom printers are coming soon.

They've ruined the economy. Printers were never a deciding factor. After the 10th million there's nothing to spend money on. It's more of a milestone. I see 3 ways of fixing this.

1. Wipe the economy entirely.

2. Make money gains/costs greater

3. Add permanent tradeable weapons 

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38 minutes ago, EVO said:

Economy wipe is most likely never going to happen. Trust me brodda. What they could do is: 

1. Implement a cash/credit system which allows a player with copious amounts of money to purchase donation items (possibly including rank).

  • Allows players with a tight IRL budget, but lots of free play time, to "spend" money via time/work given in the server.
  • Allows players a return for their time and effort invested into the server thus motivating the want to stay on the server. 
  • Allows players a chance to take the harder route in rank since most players claim this is a "pay to win" server and feel they can't gain rank without having to pay.
  • Allows players an incentive to spend money sitting idle in accounts thus killing any further desire to play on the server. 

2. Implement a charity donation program (such as the server owner donating $5.00 USD to some autistic cancer patient program for every $100,000,000.00 donated in game). 

Highest donators can get special recognition or a special rank (website, server, loading screen, discord, idk).

  • Allows players to donate to charities via time and effort in the server. 
  • Allows players to gain a special rank showing they worked towards a better goal thus showing their dedication to ERP. 
  • Allows players the chance to have ERP recognised as a charitable server (trust me, this is some good ass rep people strive to have), which in turn gains popularity. 

3. Create a weekly/monthly lotto with a goal price that has to be accomplished before a set date. There can be Low, Medium, and High tier lottos all with different deviations of bets. Each tier has a minimum bid (Low=$50k, Medium=$500k, High=$5m) and each bid you place, your chances of winning are increased by a fraction of a percent (this is like buying more tickets in the hopes of raising your possibilities of winning). At the end of the week/month, the winner is announced. The winner does not win money, however he/she can have the chance to win a prize dependant on the tier they bet. Low can have ranks/donation items, Medium can have either special perks for a day or the ability to help in a special event, and High can have an item of choice (picked from a set selection) shipped to their address. Each tier is blacklisted to the amount of money such as people with $100m can no longer bid in the lower tiers and so forth. 

  • Allows players to spend money and gamble for things other than money.
  • Allows newer players to place bets on the lower tiers for a chance to win rank. 
  • Allows players to bet on a chance to create an event of their choosing.
  • Allows a set budget from donations to be placed aside for winners of the higher tier. 



Now, some to all of these ideas can be flawed, I know that, but these are more of incentives for people to spend their money and create a goal or a drive for the game. Time and time again players join, donate and get exhibitionist, get hella money, and then get tired of the game. Now we know that the server is well funded and more than able to cover the cost of donations to a charity or a monthly prize to be shipped to the winner. Instead of having donations pocketed, it can be a great idea to invest more into the server and its players. I don't play on the server at all (no place to put a pc), but this is the same issue we tried solving a year ago. Yes, you could wipe the whole server, but that is more than unlikely going to happen. Instead of doing that, you can all find ways to create a want/need to spend the online money while also benefitting the players of ERP.

Translate this into the suggestions format and put it where it belongs

because holy shit this is awesome.

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3 hours ago, cyber said:

I thought the Breach Charges were a PRP/CRP exclusive :(

I feel like MBRP needs breach charges, it’s almost impossible sometimes to raid people with one way doors. Of course I don’t mean that literally there’s ALWAYS a way, but breach charges are a great idea imo. One way doors are often OP asf

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