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I am reporting Law and I am mad!!!


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I have made about 30 tickets today about RDM because I kept getting RDMed whether it be from me kidnapping and them not adverting counter which was most of the time what happened, but then this happened... I was raided by the police three times in the span of 5 minutes and my fading doors stopped working because this theif blew them open with a breach charge (Which in my opinion should be removed because it breaks them) so I am deleting my base to repaste it and I die right after I'm done. So I wait a few seconds for them to leave and I paste it. turns out a cop named salam,i was in there. So I go in to try to make a fading door for him to get out but every time (11 times) he would kill me. Then I put a building sign and showed him... (I will continue when I report him) but long story short he ignored me every single time even when I knew he wasn't in a sit because he was floating in the sky and he even came to me about my base and how it can't be the way I had it which means he wasn't in a sit and I ask him why he wasn't taking my tickets and he says to me "Other people have problems too" which I know but I was staff on an ICEFUSE SERVER, ICEFUSE and the was never that many tickets all the time to take so he intentionally ignored my tickets and I AM MAD!

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