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Bongo Rongo Report


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My IGN: Pablo Del Hombre

His IGN: bongo rongo




bongo rongo ordered a search warrant for Pablo Del Hombre. Reason: printers in base

[User] Pablo Del Hombre: the fuck
[Advert] [User] bongo rongo: pd raid
(OOC) [User] Pablo Del Hombre: ???
(OOC) [User] Pablo Del Hombre: PD raid for what
 [User] Pablo Del Hombre: Officer?
 [User] Pablo Del Hombre: Hello
bongo rongo killed El Autisto using m9k_m4a1
bongo rongo killed Pablo Del Hombre using m9k_m4a1

 [User] Pablo Del Hombre: that fucking sperg
 [User] bongo rongo: hahah
 [User] Pablo Del Hombre: fucking shithead
 [User] bongo rongo: there goes alot of money
 [User] bongo rongo: :)
 [User] Pablo Del Hombre: :)
 [User] bongo rongo: i like to do this
 [User] Pablo Del Hombre: enjoy your ban
| kyt (STEAM_0:0:91721923) has disconnected.


I was with El Autisto in my base in the sewers, with my bitcoin farm set up, minding my own business. This guy was a cop, and he issued his own warrant for me, busted in by himself with a battering ram, shot us, destroyed my 2 full racks of fully upgraded servers, as well as the other servers I had out. At that point in time, bitcoin mining wasn't illegal, and my printers were hidden behind fading doors so there's no way it was possible RP wise for him to know anything about my base. He logged out after saying that he likes to do this. This happened some time around 3 AM, if there's logs of it somewhere.



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