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2/7/2019 MexicanborderRP Update


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  • Added daily chests
  • Added Border Patrol Vault (Wont be in until I put it in tomorrow)
  • Added to sewer monster description that You are not allowed to kos above ground
  • I have added hobo dumpsters underground


  • Updated the settings tab
  • Breaching charges wont knock doors off their hinges anymore
  • Breaching charges now will not deal damage to players
  • Casino Manager now requires a vote
  • Removed the vote for DJ, Mexican Drug Cartel, and Coyote.
  • Fixed it so now only VIP+ can spawn TV's
  • Fixed agenda for the jobs it was broken for
  • You will now spawn with your perma knives from unboxing
  • Increased slots for
    Expert Thief from 6 to 10
    Thief from 10 to 15
    Runner from 5 to 10
    Personal Guard 3 to 5
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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